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Grade 4-6 | Age 9-11

Noeo Mini: The Magic of Magnetism

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🧲  What do refrigerators, the North Pole, and ancient Chinese legends have in common?


In this brand-new kit from Noeo Science, your little scientists will learn about what magnetism is, how it works, and where it’s been used throughout history—and get to perform some magnetism magic for themselves.

    Dynamic experiments to capture the imagination

    User-friendly instructions that allow your child to work independently or in a group.

    Graphic novel featuring a superhero scientist with readings tied to the experiments

    Clear explanations seamlessly link the experiments to the book and apply both to the real world

    Everything in one box - With prepackaged experiment materials, a beautiful living book, and a user-friendly experiment guide, this Noeo Mini provides everything you need for learning-centered fun.

    This mini gives you a sample of our full curriculum like

    Physics 1
    • Repulsive Magnets (Week 24)
    • Magnets vs. Gravity (24)
    • Making an Electromagnet (25)

    Physics 2
    • Electromagnetic Motor (20)
    • Making an Electromagnet (20)
    • Find the North Pole (33)
    • Magnetic Strength (34)
    • The First Compass (34)

    Real science, real fun

    Treat your child to a hands-on science adventure discovering our magnetic world! Designed for kids 8-12, The Magic of Magnetism science kit makes learning a blast.

    Dynamic experiments

    Levitating paper clips and electromagnetic motors - 8 activities, projects, and experiments will capture your kid’s imagination and give them magnetic contraptions to fiddle with for weeks afterward.

    Actual learning, not just a box of toys.

    Even though The Magic of Magnetism comes packed with gadgets, gizmos, and other cool stuff, it isn’t just a box of toys. Every experiment is accompanied by readings from The Attractive Story of Magnetism, a creative graphic novel that presents real science in a memorable, engaging format.

    Kid-friendly layout

    Easy-to-read instructions empower your kid to work through the kit on their own, and detailed explanations help them apply the experiments and readings to the real world.

    Great for birthdays, great for school

    The Magic of Magnetism’s unique mix of education and entertainment makes it a perfect present for birthdays, Christmases, or other special occasions, or an excellent supplement to your kid’s science curriculum. Secure your Mini Box while supplies last!