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Introducing the brand-new Noeo Minis!

In this brand-new, smaller kit from Noeo Science, your little scientists will learn about what magnetism is, how it works, and where it’s been used throughout history—and get to perform some magnetism magic for themselves.

What you get in a Noeo Science kit:

Complete Curriculum

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Real, Living Books

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Easy-to-use Instructor's Guides

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Everything you need for experiments at home.

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A science curriculum kids can share.

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Join over 10,000 homeschoolers worldwide who get science done with ease.

No more slipping through the cracks

"I love NOEO because it gets done. It is a manageable amount of work and the experiments are all right there and require minimal energy on my part to happen."

—  HomeAgain

Makes the world come alive.

"Noeo offers so much variety that my boys never got bored. With the different books and different writing styles of the authors in the Noeo curriculum, there is plenty of variety to keep it interesting. . . once you see the books and start using the program, it really comes alive."

— AK_Homesteader

Open and go. No prep required

"I think one of the big benefits of choosing Noeo is ordering the whole kit and having it ready to go with little effort on your part. . . Noeo fits well if you are looking for someone else to do the planning."

— Ali in OR