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How Noeo Science Works

Our variety-filled structure is best described as a balance between the classical method and the Charlotte Mason approach. 

In contrast with a single textbook approach, we think that living books, hands on experiments, lab notebooks, and other activities will encourage more interest in science, particularly with younger students.

As a classical curriculum, Noeo Science emphasizes vocabulary development, especially in the younger years, develops critical thinking skills and logic through the use of the scientific method, and incorporates the classical stages of learning, i.e. the “Trivium” (grammar, logic, and rhetoric).

As a Charlotte Mason curriculum, we provide the best books available (including “living books”). Books and kits utilize a child’s early and natural curiosity to acquire knowledge ("Studies serve for delight”). Our lab manuals use narration rather than worksheets, tests, or repetitive drills to evaluate learning. 

Since 1998, all of these books and experiments have been carefully selected and updated by a team of Christians (including homeschooling parents and curriculum experts) to guide children into discovery of the complexity, order, and wonder of God's design.