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Biology 1 (Grades 1-3)
Karine Schepers-Cheng
What a fantastic kit!

Our kids have been homeschooled due to the Pandemic: this has been such a fantastic support and complement for them. The experiments are simple to do, easy for the kids to understand, while explaining some very advanced concepts! I also like how it teaches the kids the scientific approach to discover and explain new concepts. And describe them in their booklet. This is a must-have for all families who love science and doing experiments together: it could just be during the weekends, for fun. The kids LOVE them! Or to enhance the traditional public curriculum: this goes way beyond the Texas standard requirements. One recommendation for the Noeo team: the experiments kits have a lot more guidance for the parents ; it would be great if the educator's booklet was a bit more complete, providing the conclusions for the topics of each lesson.

Not Impressed

While all the books and materials provided were top quality I've found the course work to be far too advanced for my son. I don't know if this is because this is his first year homeschooling and therefore he's behind kids that have been doing homeschool for years but I've had to supplement with activities and course work thats more on his level which is exactly what I was trying to avoid. So, overall not worth the price in my opinion. Could have bought all the books and microscope for less money.

Chemistry 3 (Grades 7-8)
Meghan Thompson
Would have been way better with the correct Chem2000

I love the books and the layout and I'm so happy the company shipped a set to be used for now, but really bummed that the chem2000 has been out of stock, and has not come. It looked amazing!

Fantastic for homeschooling

My child and I really have enjoyed Noeo! The reading isn’t overwhelming, and the experiments are easy to do and so fun! Can’t wait to buy our next box!

Great program, but…..

The teacher's guide will say to have the students write the definition of something, but yet the book that we are told to read doesn’t clearly state said definition, and I have to pull in other resources to find a said definition that makes sense to my 7-year-old. That’s my only complaint. I wish the TG had answers to the questions they want us to ask the child or talking points. Otherwise, I’m going off to teach myself with Google so I can better teach the student which is annoying. My 2nd grader loves it, and it's always the first subject she wants to do!

Not quite what I thought

We have enjoyed the books that came with the curriculum, but I feel that the weekly steps are a bit dragging. I am not super satisfied with the flow of the lessons. We have yet to attempt one of the experiment packs, but hoping for a better experience as we go along.

Physics 1 (Grades 1-3)
Elisabeth DeFoor
Hit and Miss

I really enjoy the length of the lessons and the Max Axiom books, but the Young Scientist Experiments have not worked consistently. We end up with a fair amount of wasted time trying to make them work. The kids are learning, and I appreciate that each week includes hands on components.

To be fair, we are only on Week 6, and have plenty more to go. It may get better as we continue along.

Not what I expected.

The content is very basic and not very engaging for my kids. The content was not at all open and go as described and the materials are not all provided as it says. I’m disappointed in the high price for the low value.

Hands on science learning

The kids are enjoying learning Physics in a hands on learning fashion.

Good companion books but not a solids curriculum

Being honest, I feel like I wasted my money. Worksheets on the subjects would be helpful but students book is just journaling. Also not all materials all proved and the ones that are, are poor quality. Very disappointed

Chemistry 2
Umadevi Raghavan
Great kit for fifth grader

My daughter absolutely loved it.
Easy to do and fun experiments even for a regular schooled kid.

Biology 1 (Grades 1-3)
Julie Peterson
Easy and Awesome

Love how easy this is to use for all ages.

Great All-In-One

We really enjoy having the flexibility to explore a topic further or skip to a topic of interest within the books. My kids are able to follow the teacher's manual and work independently, which is paramount. I appreciate the student journal pages that have fostered a habit of writing every day- a struggle in years before. There are a few typos, but overall it's a great system that includes enough hands on projects to keep it interesting, but not overwhelming for the teacher.

Great concept for our family!

I'm easing into homeschooling with my oldest, who is 7. I LOVE how simple this curriculum is, with each daily plan being just a couple sentences. We love opening different "living books" each week, rather than reading from a text book. We have the freedom to expand or diminish the written work to fit our needs and preferences. I think the structure of the curriculum really encourages a scientist's mindset of curiosity and exploration.

I would love if the teacher's guide were edited so that the brief weekly layout, which includes the reading schedule and lesson plans, were to open up on adjacent pages to be viewed at the same time, rather than how they are currently on front and back pages, which just complicates the open-and-go set-up.

We are just a quarter of the way through the curriculum, but I'm very pleased. It's a good fit for us.

Biology 1 (Grades 1-3)
Jessica Vivas

Things I love:
The experiments are AWESOME and the living books are awesome.

Thing I don't love:
Got ready to the fungi experiment and realized the petri dishes were broken... bummer.

Chemistry 1 (Grades 1-3)

Physics = fun!!

Who knew teaching physics would be so much fun?!?! I would highly recommend!

Wonderful resource!

We are 8 weeks in with this curriculum and my 3rd and 1st grader are both learning a ton. It's engaging and adaptable, so I can make it more challenging for the older child.

Physics 2 (Grades 4-6)
Brianna Newkirk

my son is so engaged with this science curriculum. It has exceeded my expectations in every way

Biology 1 (Grades 1-3)
Jennifer Hammond
Mostly Enjoy

We have been disappointed with the the fungi kit, the yeast did not work at all and the petri dish experiment didn't work properly. Otherwise, we have been happy with the Science curriculum.


We love this curriculum, but as a former science teacher, I have a suggestion. The instruction manual can be very confusing. I suggest making it clearer and adding the structures/reading for the experiments, to the manual as well.


I was drawn to the program through the slogans and advertising messaging that claimed the kits included "everything to get science done." I expected the list of additional items I would need to purchase to be typical household items as the description claimed, only to find out once the set arrived (two weeks later than quoted-- six weeks after purchasing) that I would need to order atypical items such as denatured alcohol, carbon powder, iodine, sandstone, and plaster to name a few from the two-page list. On the very first lesson, glaring typos greeted us. My children are on week five and have yet to do anything hands-on or experimental. So far, we are underwhelmed, though we had high hopes of this being the one science journey we would entirely enjoy!

Physics 1 (Grades 1-3)
Nicole Diebel
Physics One is lots of fun

I enjoy the simplicity. My son just enjoys it. Well organized. Easy to set up. Fun and engaging. Books are great quality. Some improvements could be made to the quality of a few materials. The Young Scientists Club readings are in need of editing. Overall, a good purchase.

Best Kit Ever

I was very hesitant to buy this kit because i was worried it wouldn't fit our family. But this was the best fit. It is truly open and go. It spells everything out to you. The children have fun learning and reading and doing the experiments. I have 7 children and this curriculum is the easiest to teach. I love it!!!

Chemistry 2
Jami Rugg
What we’ve been looking for

Chemistry 2 is what I’ve been looking for to teach about atoms in a fun way. What I like most, is that what is taught each day is in small chunks, but the information is new enough to grow their brain a bit. I’ve homeschooled for over 10 years, and have used several different science programs. So far, this is the first curriculum that my kids are actually learning from. Telling me about elements and chemical reactions as they see them in our every day life. Which is my goal, for them to see how science is always around us. This curriculum has been worth every penny spent. The only thing I’d recommend is looking ahead a few weeks just to make sure you don’t need to buy anything for any of the experiments.