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Used in small Co-Op setting

A group of 4 families each took turns teaching these lessons to a group of 6 kids from 6th-9th grade. This curriculum was very thorough and did a great job building on concepts. The textbooks used were very informative and interesting. I will say some of the mom's thought this curriculum was only so-so and didn't think the lessons were very connected. Those mom's didn't do the readings every week like I did. I read these readings out loud to the kids on Marco Polo so some of them (with reading challenges) could keep up with the course. Since I did all the readings along with the kids, I was able to always connect the dots from one week to the next even if I wasn't the one to do the experiments with the kids. The experiments didn't always work but MOST of them did and helped describe concepts that the kids had never known to discuss before. Overall this was an amazing curriculum and more thought out than high school courses I've seen done from home. Our lone 6th grader was not overwhelmed and our 9th grader did not think it was too easy. It was the perfect curriculum for our group this year! We were able to finish the whole course in one year doing 1-2 lessons, 3 times a month (we meet once a week on Wednesdays and do a rotating 3 weeks science and then one week field trip then repeat). We did the readings during the week before meeting up and met every Wednesday for the experiments. On weeks when there wasn't an experiment (not often ) we came up with another way to teach that concept and drive it home. Thank you Noeo!

Chemistry 1 (Grades 1-3)
Melody Saarloos
Highly Recommend

I'm 3/4 of the way through Chemistry 1 with my seven year old second grader, and really love this curriculum. I think the lay out is perfect for kids this age. Instead of a boring text book, it uses fun living books and lots of hands on activities and experiments, all without being too burdensome. The reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because a number of the Young Scientist kits didn't work, and also because I think they're still working out the kinks with the guide books. The oobleck flopped and the fizzy tablet didn't fizz. The spring scale we built, while it did sort of work, was long and tedious and not really worth it. I hope to see in the future the combination of the instructors guide and the experiment guide. I really don't see why those need to be separate. As a homeschool mom, consolidation is always easier, as long as it doesn't lose clarity. All in all, I still recommend, we've learned a ton and my son is loving it.

Physics 2 (Grades 4-6)
Hannah Brandt
Not a fan!!

Too many days where you are to just pick an experiment to do from a book that gets old. Neither of my girls liked it. The company wouldn’t refund me even though we had just missed the return date by only a couple days. All of the stuff was still in unused, perfect condition!

Physics 1 (Grades 1-3)
Jamie Santa Cruz
Good books plus easy, practical experiments

My kids love the books included with our box, and the experiments are easy and practical and do a good job of illustrating the principles discussed in the books. I love the fact that it's very "open and go" for me--no real advance prep. The fact that Noeo uses experiment kits from a third party (and that these kits are used out of order in Noeo from how they were intended to be used) is slightly confusing, but nothing we can't handle. I'm much, much happier with this than with our previous science curricula.


So far it’s not very engaging. The first few weeks lessons have been very quick, kinda boring and the experiments are not what I thought. I purchased this because it said you received everything and did not need to purchase anything for experiments. So far it’s the exact opposite! It’s just been the gizmos and gadgets which there’s a HUGE shopping list for. So then that forces us to figure out something else to do so we just aren’t reading 1 small page of science and are done. The weekly/daily lessons are blah and very confusing to figure out. Most of the time it just states “do assigned reading.” Where??? What is it??? Currently we’re making it up as we go and watching YouTube videos. For the price, I’m not impressed at all and it’s not what the unboxing video portrayed. Would not recommend this.

Open and Go

I like how organized the week's lessons are. The materials are good quality and I like the YouTube suggestions. I was dreading the microscope stuff, but that has turned out to be fun!

Kids love it but...

My kids absolutely love this curricula. They beg me to do science every day! It takes us 30 minutes or less with my 3rd and 1st grader. The content is perfect for their age. However we were progressing onto week 8 and we were supposed to read from the book "the elements" but we received the wrong book in our book pack. It's a beautiful copy of actual pictures of the elements with information about each element, but it doesn't have the information we are supposed to study in it, so I'll have to buy a separate copy from amazon. So we have to put science on hold for 2 weeks while we wait for a copy of the correct book to arrive. I'm checking my library for the book, but I'll still have to purchase it separately for future use with my younger kids, which is kind of a bummer. Other than the mixed up book, I love this curricula. I wish they had high school levels for my oldest!

Everyone is loving it

Everyone is loving it Even me

Biology 2 (Grades 4-6)
Renee Grabeel
Love this curriculum!

We are loving the beautiful books and interesting curriculum!

Loved the first half....

So, we have really loved using NOEO. BUT, we've gotten closer to the end of Physics 1 and it really starts to focus more on the inventors and not physics and then even venturing into earth science with the planet and constellation study... So I'm a little confused why the curriculum went that direction?


My son has used Noeo science chemistry 2 for this school year and it has not been great. It cost quite a bit for the teacher guide to simply tell your student what to read. No additional instruction on the subjects. All they have done is compiled a list of things to read. No actual lessons are written by Noeo science. Then he had weeks of just reading then weeks of just experiments. The things they considered house hold items and do not provide in the kits are frustrating too because I have had to go to the store for almost every experiment. Also the books aren't even listed correctly on weekly assignment lists. Example today we are on week 15 day 4. It lists mysteries and marvels as the book. There is not a book by that title included in this course. So now I get to go through all his books and guess what he is supposed to do today. I do not recommend this course maybe the others are better but I will not be ordering again from here.

Hi Sarah – from the looks of things, you ordered a year ago and did not order the books from us. Is it possible you ordered different editions of the Usborne books that have non-matching page numbers? Also, our instructor’s guides DO now have overviews, and coming this spring (March 2022), we have addressed all the areas you had questions about:
+ more experiments,
+ more household supplies,
+ q&a so you know what to ask your student,
and some more.
Can we send you a new instructor’s guide? And folks on our mailing list will get more info about Noeo 2.0 coming this spring, so if science is still something you want to teach, consider giving Noeo a try again!
~ The Noeo Team

Pretty Great!

My kids loved getting hands-on with weather, bacteria and fungi, and invertebrates. Its been a little slower with the animal units, maybe some models or puzzles to liven up the living things. But the human body unit looks fantastic and my kids are super excited to dive into those lessons. The books are all very fun to look at, the experiments are engaging and I'm looking forward to seeing what Physics and Chemistry have in store.

Physics 2 - Fabulous course

My son is in 5th grade and he’s loving physics 2. Overall, it’s a well-outlined curriculum with good resources. All the guides provided are high-quality material and learning is rich. It interests my son. He studies it very independently and even writes his daily journal nicely.

One area of improvement is to have the experiment kit include all required resources from chapter 1. I’d also like to see end of chapter assessment/test to see how much child has grasped.

Biology 2 (Grades 4-6)
Natasha Downey
Would be better with basic video instruction

Would be great if there were a daily video that we could play that goes over the day's topics and reading assignments along with some Q and A style questions. Younger kids don't do well with note taking and it's just taking much longer than it should.

Chemistry 3 (Grades 7-8)
Sonya Y. Conners

Very do-able. Working well for us. Thank you

Awesome science kit

I love that the kit came with everything we need and that each lesson is simple, straight forward and easy to complete. I like to read the week ahead just so I know what is to come, but it is very open and go so far! Doing it with my kindergartener and 2nd grader together with ease.

Chemistry 1 (Grades 1-3)
Angelea Seagraves

Chemistry 1 (Grades 1-3)

I was expecting more

I was SO excited to order this curriculum for my kiddos. The books are all so beautiful. Sadly, once we got to work, I realized really quickly that the lessons are not laid out well and there really isn't any written work. A lot of it is pretty hard to follow, the lessons jump around and seem well over grade level in some parts. Very hard to follow. Overall, I'm not too pleased with our curriculum

Biology 2 (Grades 4-6)
Brenda Bernstorf
Excited about science!

My home schooler is actually excited about science. She loves looking through the microscope and reading through the materials. It was a good surprise for her to actually be drawn in. Thank you for fine materials!

Biology 1 review

I cannot express how much I love this curriculum! It’s well laid out & easy to utilize with everything at your fingertips. The books have been carefully chosen. The experiments are very easy for this homeschool mom to put together & share with my daughter. I wish more curriculum were like this, just open & go with great books! Thanks so much.

High quality open and go curriculum

I really enjoy how easily this curriculum is to use. I have four kids and we all use it together with each student doing what is age appropriate in their science journal.

Chemistry 3 (Grades 7-8)
Clamina Zidrashko
Love it!

My children love,love their science!

Biology 1 (Grades 1-3)
Karine Schepers-Cheng
What a fantastic kit!

Our kids have been homeschooled due to the Pandemic: this has been such a fantastic support and complement for them. The experiments are simple to do, easy for the kids to understand, while explaining some very advanced concepts! I also like how it teaches the kids the scientific approach to discover and explain new concepts. And describe them in their booklet. This is a must-have for all families who love science and doing experiments together: it could just be during the weekends, for fun. The kids LOVE them! Or to enhance the traditional public curriculum: this goes way beyond the Texas standard requirements. One recommendation for the Noeo team: the experiments kits have a lot more guidance for the parents ; it would be great if the educator's booklet was a bit more complete, providing the conclusions for the topics of each lesson.

Not Impressed

While all the books and materials provided were top quality I've found the course work to be far too advanced for my son. I don't know if this is because this is his first year homeschooling and therefore he's behind kids that have been doing homeschool for years but I've had to supplement with activities and course work thats more on his level which is exactly what I was trying to avoid. So, overall not worth the price in my opinion. Could have bought all the books and microscope for less money.

Male centered

The kit is pretty good with the books they use with exception that prominent women in science are almost completely left out. We can't say anything about the lab part of the kit because it hasnt arrived yet after 2 months we started using the kit.