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Noeo Science Reviews

Based on 228 reviews
Chemistry 2
Erin Osben
Great curriculum

This program has been wonderful for my 6th grader. It's a little over my 4th graders' head. We love the experiments, and we love the bite sized chunks of info. Neither of my girls enjoys Science in general, but this curriculum has made it very approachable and interesting for them.

Chemistry 2
Olivia Hampton

Chemistry 2

Biology 1
Hillcrest Lutheran Academy
Biology 1 and Physics 1

A couple things come to mind: The book selection seems a bit odd. The ready-to-read books seem overly simple, the Louis Pasteur book is quite dark for that age audience, and I had no idea there would be SO many graphic novels. I should have done a better job of reviewing each "real" book. We are using NOEO at a classical school (Bio- 1st grade, Phy- 2nd grade) and it would be great to have a way to connect with other schools that have used these materials. I've tried to find support on the couple of suggested websites but to no avail. There are few or no ideas for classroom usage. I see huge potential in this format. Wonder-based learning is major component of classical science. I adore "real" books and experiments. I was the primary advocate for the purchase of NOEO as our new science curriculum and my desire is to see it succeed. I'd appreciate any additional information in terms of classroom implementation or maybe even an explanation of the book choices would be helpful. As a side note, our first Physics 1 book (Max Axiom) is literally falling apart after a couple uses. Could be that it's user error, but I thought you might like to know.

Biology 1
Rebecca Southwick

We have been enjoying Biology I. We are only on week 3 but it has been easy to use and holding my kids interest. We have a large age range (k-3rd grade as well as a junior higher with autism and an intellectual disability) but it has been working out well with only a few tweaks for my older special needs son.

Chemistry 2
Tracie Corbin
Many mistakes

There are many mistakes in the new Chem 2. It is not as open and go as I had hoped and I am constantly finding mistakes. There are many materials required for the experiments that are not supplied that I had to go out and buy. Would not buy again.

Physics 1
Maggie Hovey
Recommendations and Updates

I’m grateful for the first time Noeo was ever recommended to me. It’s a game changer for homeschool science. I should be excited about the constant changes to the curriculum, but that usually means more money spent , and now it means what I originally purchased is now a bit outdated. Frustrating, but I make it work because I don’t have the money to update everything, so much of my older lesson plans don’t line up with the new content.

Chemistry 1
Absolutely wonderful

This curriculum is full of exciting books and incredible content. Some of the concepts I wasn't taught until highschool but my son is understanding and retaining it all so well! It's all written in such a way as to be really accessible and engaging. The experiments are fun and interesting. I will definitely be getting their other courses.


We are only a few weeks into the curriculum, but I find it is a lot of reading to my kids. It is hard to keep their attention.

Just got our curriculum, took a while for it to come but expected that at the beginning of the school year. Seems well organized and simple. I love the books that are included. I haven’t gotten into the experiment supplies because I don’t want to get it unorganized already but seems ok. I do think this curriculum is a bit pricey though. I don’t like that it shows the lab Manuel and and experiment guide as a bound book when it’s not it’s just loose paper. I wish it also came with pdf so I can print out if I need to. I have 2 students and need 2 Manuel’s so I am going to have to copy the one sent instead of just printing out another. I refuse to spent $16 on a second one that’s not even bound at all. Going to see how the year goes but it’s not as impressive at first glance as I thought it was going to be.

Chemistry 3
Kristen Egger

Chemistry 3

Great title

We love Noeo Science! They do a great job of making the science interesting and engaging. Lots of experiments. Lots of great books for reference.

Chemistry 3
Emily Lemon
It’s amazing!

Chemistry was one subject I was nervous to tackle with my daughter this year, but it is our favorite subject! The lessons are engaging and so interesting!! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to engage with their science curriculums!

Chemistry 2
T. England
Ready to go and easy to use

I have been loving Noeo science's chemistry 2. It really is open and go... I don't have to do any extra prep work. The reading is not overwhelming and neither are the assignments. I love that there is an experiment/lab each week and that the ingredients are either provided or easily found at home (e.g. water). I especially love that it's not super time consuming it overwhelming for my son. It gives him the science knowledge without making him hate science.

Chemistry 1
Julie Snyder
Chemistry 1

Finally, a science I can do with multiple grade levels, styles of learning, that is both parent and student friendly, and FUN! We are all having the best time in science this year because of Noeo!

Biology 1
Cynthia Martínez
My Kids Love It!

I have a huge problem with this curriculum - if I even mention the word science to my kids they go bananas! They love the experiments so much that it's hard to contain their excitement. Great job making every other curriculum pale in comparison. 👍

Physics 1
LeeAnn Day
Physics I

Great materials that make learning fun and when learning is fun it sticks in the student’s mind.

Physics 1

This science curriculum has been great. The lessons are easy to follow, no guess work on what to do each day. There have been some typos in the manuals, clearly as projects were updated the books weren't. The reading books have kept my son's attention and he's excited to read more. The experiments are very fitting to what we are learning though some of them don't work the best because the parts used aren't fitting (like lifesavers for wheels). Overall, I'm happy with this purchase and would make future science purchases from Noeo.

Biology 1
Naomi Miller
Bio 1

We started the curriculum right away. It is so easy to use and fun. I have three kids (third, first, and Pre-K) and they've all had a good time with it.

Biology 1
Stephanie Shaffer
Very user friendly

We love the programs flexibility. If a topic sparks interest we can dive in deeper. Only complaint is that in one of the books reptiles are called poisonous when the correct term is venomous.

Chemistry 1
Amanda Syers

Chemistry 1

Chemistry 1
Alysia Brown

Great books! I love the materials enclosed for experiments. The instructions are easy to follow.

Chemistry 2
Kristan S
Very pleased

This course is awesome!! You can tell a science teacher put this together. It is very clearly thought out, has a good pace, and has very good materials. My child is learning valuable skills such as writing out definitions and answering questions in complete sentences as well as science. The experiments are fairly simple but interesting.

My child could not do this alone but maybe in time will become independent enough to complete the work alone. This course will definitely improve my child’s skills in research, reading, and following directions.

Overall, this is a very good course and well worth the money. I will be purchasing more in the future.

Biology 2
Ashley Larson
Great Material

This is a great science kit. Easy to use and love the way everything is laid out.

Biology 1
Emily Wheeler

Biology 1 (Grades 1-3)

Chemistry 1
Jayni Stahl
Chem 1

I purchased the newly revised chemistry 1 for my next school year with my rising K, 2nd and 4th grader. I've flipped through the entirety of the 3 new manuals/workbooks and they're vastly improved from years past. The living books look fantastic and the science kit has higher quality than the previous year when I purchased physics 1 and are thoughtfully packaged. I recommend Noeo all the time! We're a young earth creationist family and enjoy all the books and talk through any areas that allude to billions/millions of years as we need to as we go -- but they're few and far between in the living books. I really appreciate Noeo's customer service and attention to detail and quality through all the manuals and book choices. For us, experiments and activities are absolutely a must -- the more the better! So thank you Noeo for adding double the experiments/activities. That's a huge part of why I purchased -- that and how open and go (and simple) the schedule is! I know going through chemistry next year is going to be a favorite part of our week!