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Noeo Science Reviews

Based on 273 reviews
Biology 1
Michele Fister

Biology 1

Physics 1
Kledia Colenso
Excellent material

Very well laid out with lessons that spark interest.

Physics 1
Roxanne Ruble
Good Product, Good Customer Service

This is our third NOEO science program. We actually have science as part of our curriculum but my kids enjoy the activities and experiments so much we supplement with this. Great customer service as well. We were right in the middile of an experiment and the cars sent didn't work. I was going to start the hunt online to replace them but thought I'd see if NOEO would help me out. Not only did they help get us working pieces but we got them in just 2 days! That was great because we didn't have to have a gap in the lesson.

Biology 1
A perfect fit for our homeschool!

I ordered this for my first grader. He is a kinesthetic learner and a voracious reader. We practiced a lot of Charlotte Mason’s principles in kindergarten and he absolutely THRIVED! Noeo is exactly what we needed for science. The living books are all exciting and there are lots of hands on experiments. The manual is simple and not overwhelming like other curriculums. I only wish our charter school would partner with Noeo. THANK YOU!

We liked the fire box better

Not all the experiments worked as they were suppose too so that was disappointing because we LOVED the fire box!

Physics 1
Great material, slow pace

We are enjoying the experiments and the books - however, the pace of the books (often 1-3 pages at a time) was painfully slow. We have ended up reading the books in full a few times, instead of only reading a couple of pages at once.

I’m thrilled to hear my kids throwing around terms like “inertia” in proper context - that has proven to me this was the right curriculum for us!

Physics 2
Content to advanced

My son will be in 4th grade this coming year and bought the physics 2. The material is amazing and very complete, but he isn't anywhere ready for what is said to be for his age group.

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback. Our levels are based on reading comprehension and are not strictly grade-bound. We suggest that before you purchase Noeo, you take a look at the samples to make sure that the content is at the right level for your student.

Physics 1
Kathi McBride

We are enjoying science! Started with Biology and working our way through Chemistry and Physics next.

An awesome mini unit!

My 10 yr old son absolutely loved doing this mini unit. He was sad when it was over.

Biology 1
Laura Reu

I used this curriculum this year for my 2nd grader (who is 7) and it was by far his favorite part of the school day. We loved the engaging books, the structure topics, the experiments, and the open and go format. It was good quality and easy to use so I would definitely recommend it to others!
(Just as a note to the creators, the only experiment that didn't work was the freezer playdoh one- it never changed color).

Generally a Hit, But Room to Improve

This curriculum provides a thoughtful design and structure that any home educator can modify to suit his/her needs. My daughters love the books that come with the curriculum; they certainly pique their interest and help to get them curious. What I find cumbersome are the 3 "manuals" --- Instructor's Guide, Experiment Guide, and Lab. There has to be a way to combine the Instructor's Guide and the Experiment Guide into one. Much of the content is repetitive (ex - answers to questions from the Lab Manual in both), and I think both are unnecessary. Additionally, the Lab Manual is ONLY in a Question & Answer format. NOEO (and I) could have saved money with a simple list of questions in the Instructor's Guide instead of an entire Lab Manual dedicated to this, and I could have orally asked my children the questions. My hope was that this manual would have been more creatively designed with suggestions to draw what my girls had seen, document data in a chart (such as for the experiments dealing with force) or some other interactive "extension" activities. As it is, I strongly recommend that they redesign the Lab Manual to BE MORE than what it is. Overall, you could do much worse than this curriculum, and the overall layout is helpful to structuring the year. However, there is room to improve.

Biology 2
Fun well planned curriculum

We have loved Noeo Biology this year. The books are so informative and fun to read. The Usborne science book has great videos with every page. I have loved the addition of the lab manuals this year because it helps my kids stay involved as we read. We read the questions and search for the answers as we read. This is our third year doing Noeo and the first we've had the lab manual and I have been surprised at how much of a game changer it's been for my kids. This curriculum is well thought out and so much fun to do!

Still deciding

Experiments don’t always work well, or at all. Some information in books present theories, like the Big Bang, as factual data. Not just a theory.
I don’t like that.

Hi Amanda! Thank you for the feedback. We have updated our curriculum to make the experiments easier to follow. We believe science speaks for itself. So we provide the highest quality literature, experiments, and lessons and leave religious interpretation up to the instructor. While a couple of living books in the curriculum are Christian, and a couple of others have evolutionary commentary, the instructor is informed of this in the instructor’s guide and they can choose what they will include or exclude.

Noeo Mini: The Power of Fire

Biology 1
Alex Willems

Biology 1

Chemistry 1
Adrienne Hickey
Easy to use and fun

This has integrated excellently with our other homeschool curriculum. My multi-aged children all have access points for the material and the experiments are fun and easier to do than cooking dinner! Great program

Terrific and very easy to use

I ordered the Noeo mini fire unit on impulse while it was on sale, and I was super impressed! Very engaging lessons, it included everything we needed for the experiments (no running to the store!) and was very well designed and presented. I learned some interesting facts right along with my kids! I'm definitely looking into buying more of the curriculum, we loved it!

Love our kit!

I love the concept! I wish it went into more detail with the explanations, almost making a little lesson out of each experiment, but overall fantastic!

Fun and engaging mini set!

My kids are especially loving the Max Axiom book about the digestive system!

Chemistry 1
Allison S
Really great curriculum

I do this program with my 3rd grader and my 3 year old joins in most experiments. I love the variety of topics covered and that there are almost always practical application experiments to go along with the concepts. There are times where the experiment doesn't work, but we talk about thoughts on why it didn't work. Other times the experiment doesn't have a connection, so I sometimes skip those. However, overall the experiments really drive home the topic. The Chemistry l package is meant for grades 1-3 so it can seem a bit easy, BUT the kids really are learning a ton. I don't think they need to be challenged to their full potential on everything, it's ok to just learn too.
One thing I would really like to see change in future editions is the three books. There has got to be a way to at least consolidate the student book with the experiments. There doesn't need to be so many blank pages and duplicate information between the experiment book and the teacher book. There should only be a reference in the teacher book for the corresponding page number in the experiments, not another run down of it. I find using three books together to be a bit annoying. There is needed information between all of them and it just feels unorganized even though it is. But again, overall this curriculum is seriously the best!

Power of Fire

Power of Fire also had the power to interest my son in science! I had this planned as a once a week addition to our science curriculum, but my son enjoyed it so much we completed it in 2 weeks. He just wanted to keep going.
I enjoyed the experiments and how simple they made it for us to follow. The work book included a few questions to help with writing and checking comprehension.
Super fun, educational and highly recommended,

Fun activity

Great for multiple ages and levels of understanding.

Biology 1
Kendra Zeigler
Great Program

As a brand new homeschool mom I was looking for an open and go science curriculum. This is it! It has been such a blessing for my kids. Science is now my kids favorite subject.

Simple, fun & easy

We have used a few of the Noeo science kits and have enjoyed them for their ease of use. They require little planning and come with the majority of supplies. I can use various kits for different subjects or terms/semesters and across multiple ages. I have my older children run the experiments for the younger children which gives them all some experience and motivation. We will likely return for other sets for the flexibility and convenience. Thanks for creating great science kits to bless our family!

Love this

This was a day of fun that our kids were so engaged with (ages 7, 9, and 12). I wish there were more of these mini kits.