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Reviews and testimonials of Noeo Science after serving 7000+ homeschoolers since 1998. 


I purchased Noeo Biology 1 for my three boys (ages 8, 6, and 4) after I decided I want to officially homeschool this coming fall of 2020. I am dabbling this summer, trying to get my bearings, so I am not a fish out of water when the school year comes around. So far, we have finished one unit and we love it. The kids were engaged and enjoyed the daily activities. We decided to do the unit in 2 days instead of 4 or 5. It took us about an hour each day which is a little longer than the time they suggested it would take but that doesn’t bother us at all! I might be more extensive in question asking and observational discussions which others wouldn’t have to do. This would help keep time down everyday if needed. Because I am a COVID turned homeschooling mom, I am still learning the ropes of organization and timing of all the curriculum we are trying to work through. We love Noeo though and would recommend it! ~ Tori Wolf

We’ve only done a week, but my kids are really loving it! We enjoy how we can work for even a short 20-30 minutes every day but really grow and expand our knowledge each time. I also appreciate that everything is laid out and provided for me—I don’t have to spend the mental energy looking for books, experiments, supplies, etc—and this is much, much better than anything I would come up w/ anyways! ~ Logan Heinrich

I wish more homeschooling parents knew about Noeo! I tell anyone who’s willing to listen - this curriculum is amazing. We’ve used their Sciences for the last three years (grades ranging from 1st through 6th) and we’ve never been disappointed. Their use of “living books” rather than textbooks has made all of the difference, and their experiments are not too much for parents to handle. ~ Katie Wires

We used this several years ago through our California charter school, which required all materials to be non-sectarian, and this was an approved curriculum. We had a co-op teacher so I didn’t teach the actual content, but it was one of the best science curricula we had used. ~ Leanne Hansard

We are SO excited to use Noeo Science for our first year of formal science curriculum. Science has always been my favorite, and I appreciate the way this program is laid out, makes more sense to me than some programs I saw while shopping, and it is even more appealing because it uses living books, rather than dry texts. I also appreciate the fact that the experiments directly correspond to the information being studied- some science programs have random experiments thrown in. ~ Cary Beth 

We just received the box and started the first lesson today!  My six year old had earned a 20 minute show for the evening and turned it down so she could do science!  She loved learning about the atmosphere and had to show the rest of our family.  I could take it out of the box and just start. Lesson 1 and already a hit! As a former science and montessori teacher for elementary school, I love how the notebook is set up and has adjustment for grade level. The books are gorgeous, appropriate, and it’s just so simply put together and easy to follow for this very busy mom who would love to have more time to devote to making a curriculum. I can’t wait to keep going and I already have plans to purchase the chemistry set and physics set for the next two school years! - Amanda H.

The teacher's guide is laid out so simply. It is going to make science "do-able" for us again, because it 's not overwhelming . . . we have four children, ages 3, 5, 9, and 11, and the three older ones are loving it ~ Lorna Murdock

It was the first time science actually got done at our house and I believe that is because of the NOEO Chemistry program. It was interesting, engaging, and fun! ~ King Alfred Academy

I loved it because it was SO doable. . . I did all three topics in level 4-6 and felt that it was a thorough and organized covering of science topics and felt it prepared my kids well for going to the next level in science. . . It is not over kill, it is just enough so that we get the content but it is very doable when I have a lot on my plate ~ Dudley

The only thing I regret about NOEO is not starting it sooner! . . . We've done SO much more science this yr than we have before ~ Aubrey

pretty simple to implement -- my dd did a lot of the work independently. ~ PeachyDoodle

I love NOEO because it gets done. It is a manageable amount of work and the experiments are all right there and require minimal energy on my part to happen. . . I have used all of levels one and two (except bio 1) and feel my kids are well prepared for future science. . . We ended up going with Noeo because one box delivered everything except water. . . . In our house, especially in the beginning of hs'ing, science that got done meant that it was scheduled, complete, and flexible. . . it could be scheduled either 2 or 4 days, so we didn't feel hemmed in. ~ HomeAgain

It's very user friendly and their book selections are excellent, IMO. ~ plain jane

It's been very easy to implement. I like the kits and the schedule. I didn't think my son would even do the notebook pages (willingly, I mean) at all but he has actually liked them! ~ Donna T.

It's strange that they enjoyed it so much while I half-heartily taught it , I found some of the experiments , boring but they LOVED them all. Hummm... maybe I should try it again and teach it with some gusto:D ~ Pongo

It is very age-appropriate for the 4th grader, and is easy to scale down for the 2nd grader. We love the wonderful content, amazing book choices, and ease of use. Now science is our favorite subject!! ~ Kat Hayman & Crew

I am using [Chemistry 1] for my first grader and third grader. The books are great, the manual is very easy to use, the kids are interested . . . just the right amount of work for all involved. ~ Amy Holder

I am using Noeo for the first time right now, all three levels of Chemistry. I am pleased with the results. The book list is solid, the experiments easy kits to follow. ~ johnandtinagilbert

I think one of the big benefits of choosing Noeo is ordering the whole kit and having it ready to go with little effort on your part. . . Noeo fits well if you are looking for someone else to do the planning--little effort on your part. . . If you want to build your home library with wonderful books that your kids will continue to pick up and read after you finish them, Noeo will fit you. . . . Great choice if you love curling up on the sofa with dc and reading great books. ~ Ali in OR

I love that there is nothing I need to provide, it is all right there ready to go. ~ KellieK

it's totally open-and-go, and I'm all about that. ~ Lady Marmalade

[Noeo] comes to your home with EVERYTHING in one box ~ Kris Price (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine)

no lengthy prep work to decide how much to cover-it's all there. ~ Tina Hudgins

it's all laid out for you. The guide tells you what book to read on what what week & exactly which pages you need to read each day. It lists definitions that should be recorded in the notebook. I was thankful for the simplicity of this as I've put a lot of work into other areas of curriculum ~ Canada_Mom

we enjoyed the living books, and experiments, notebook, and I enjoyed the "open and go" aspect of it. ~ Cornerstone Classical

I would recommend NOEO to anyone who wants an all inclusive, EASY to follow early Science program. ~ Tree House Academy

Two thumbs up for Noeo . . . I knew that it would be hard for me to assemble the materials for the experiments that year so the [kits] were well worth the money to me. ~ Spetzi

the quality of the lit sold me. I'm very big on living books, & science is the subject I need The Idiot's Guide for. I loved how much I learned in Chem I--& fwiw, I had honors chem in highschool. ~ Aubrey

Noeo offers so much variety that my boys never got bored. With the different books and different writing styles of the authors in the Noeo curriculum, there is plenty of variety to keep it interesting. As someone else mentioned, when you describe the program, it sounds dry. But, once you see the books and start using the program, it really comes alive. ~ AK_Homesteaders

I've been using NOEO with all of mine from 1-6th and we really enjoy it . . . Great book selections and experiments. ~ Dinsfamily

Our Family LOVES your course. Our boys enjoy science, great books, & discovering knowledge/principles on their own ~ Denise DiBelardino

We are working through Chem 1 right now with my 1st grader and are VERY pleased with it. It's very easy to tweak and beef up. It comes with all sorts of great books and I would recommend it.:D My big girl retains the information really well too and is very interested in the materials. Definitely a satisfied customer! ~ MissKNG

interesting topics with good quality, real books. I LOVE the CM approach. DD loved reading and I think it's such a great way to learn. ~ Canada_Mom

We're in our second year of using NOEO and we LOVE it. It sounds dry when you describe the process, reading, notebooking, and a few experiments...but the books are gorgeous and FULL of info. They're really excellent books. ~ s.z.ichigo

I do miss the fun books (and variety) that make up Noeo, and because of that, science isn't getting done as much as I'd like. sigh We've always been diligent with our science study until this year, and I feel like I blew it from the get-go. I will probably go back to Noeo for 5th grade and start with Bio II. ~ mamato3 all-boy boys

You can easily teach multiple children at the same time (I taught mine plus my two nephews last year with it) ~ ErinD

For years I’ve advocated avoiding traditional science textbooks and, instead, choosing fewer topics to cover, real books, and experiments. Obviously, more and more homeschoolers agree with me since publishers are increasingly putting together courses that fit this description. However, I think Noeo Science has done the best job yet! Cathy Duffy

If you are looking for a science curriculum which presents the material in an easy-to-use format, is fun for both parent and student and comes to your home with EVERYTHING in one box, then you should definitely take a look at Noeo Homeschool Science! I know that I'm also considering buying the Chemistry II kit for future use! ~ Kris Price, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Our Family LOVES your course. Wow! How refreshing was your physics II curriculum. Our boys enjoy science, great books, & discovering knowledge/principles on their own. Your design uniquely fits our family. We have 5 children and finding homeschooling materials that are not text/worksheet intensive that also works for our large family has been challenging......Thank you for a SUPER program. ~ Denise DiBelardino  

Just letting you know that all the science curriculum arrived last week, and we're two days into it, and loving it! The materials look outstanding, and the teacher's guide is laid out so simply. It is going to make science "do-able" for us again, because it's not overwhelming, but at the same time it seems very thorough. I'm excited about learning chemistry with my kids, as I was very intimidated by that subject when I was in high school. We had so much fun doing the reading and experiments in both the biology and chemistry, yesterday and today. I'm sure the excitement will wear off, but that's the good part - if and when it does, it will still get done, because it doesn't seem overwhelming. We have four children, ages 3, 5, 9, and 11, and the three older ones are loving it. (The youngest is napping during the time we do science). Anyway, I just thought I'd drop a line, and let you know we are very pleased with it - all my friends are standing by, waiting to see what I think, so I'm sure you'll be getting more business in the future. Thanks again! ~ Lorna Murdock

I just received my Physics II kit and am extremely pleased with it. Everything arrived in perfect order. My son was very excited when he saw all the books and especially the kits. He wanted to start working on it immediately, even though it was 8:00 at night! Thank you so much for putting all this together and making my life easier while still being able to teach my son the joys of hands-on science. Pam Hunt

We received the package and got right into it! Thank you so much! The kids got the books out and started reading immediately. My daughter even called her homeschooled best friend in Texas and read to her out of one of the books. I am very impressed with the whole kit from the choice of experiments to the books it includes. The weekly schedule looks great-no lengthy prep work to decide how much to cover-it's all there. What a answer to my prayers! ~ Tina Hudgins

I just wanted to let you know that we are about 9 weeks into the Chemistry I curriculum. I am using it for my first grader and third grader. I really, really like it! The books are great, the manual is very easy to use, the kids are interested in the subject and experiments, and it lends itself to all kinds of tweaking as far as making it more or less difficult. Even as written, it seems like just the right amount of work for all involved. I am glad to have found you, and I'm happy to support a family run local company! I recommend you to all my homeschooling friends now, because science seems to be the hardest curriculum to come by. Yours is excellent, and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! Next year, we'll do Physics I, and we're all looking forward to it. ~ Amy Holder

Thanks for a wonderful science program! My 2nd and 4th graders are loving Biology II. It is very age-appropriate for the 4th grader, and is easy to scale down for the 2nd grader. We love the wonderful content, amazing book choices, and ease of use. Now science is our favorite subject!!! ~ Kat Hayman & Crew 

We are using NOEO Biology 1 this year and it is seriously everything I could hope for in a science curriculum. Every other company I’ve found that claims they are literature based, includes dry worksheets and the experiments don’t go along with the readings. My son LOVES his 3-ring science binder, full of his note-booking pages, so much that he carries it to his grandparents’ house to show them every time we visit them. He consistently says he wants to be a scientist now. Honestly, one night he woke me up at 1:30 in the morning asking if we could go ahead and get started on school so we could do the science experiment he was looking forward to! ~ Van Fam