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Grade 1-3 | Age 6-8

Biology 1 (Charter Edition)

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4-day schedule: 15-20 min per lesson

Monkeys. Lobsters. Cacti.

Noeo Biology 1 guides your kid through an exciting first exploration of the world of biology. We’ve packed your Noeo box with books, lesson plans, and experiments, all ready to go from day 1.

  • Instructor's Guide
  • Lab Manual
  • Living Books
    • One Small Square: Cactus Desert
    • One Small Square: Woods
    • One Small Square: Seashore
    • Louis Pasteur and Pasteurization
    • Exploring Nature: Activity Book for Kids
    • First Encyclopedia of the Human Body by Usborne (Internet-Linked)
    • First Animal Encyclopedia by Dorling Kindersley
    • The Boy Who Drew Birds
    • Audubon's Birds of America Coloring Book
    • My First Book About Weather
    • Experiments in Earth Science and Weather with Toys and Everyday Stuff
    • Weather Ready-to-Read Value Pack: Rain; Wind; Clouds; Snow; Rainbow; Sun
    • Weather Clues in the Sky
  • Experiment Guide for Experiment Kits covering:
    • Bacteria and Fungi
    • Reptiles
    • Frogs
    • Mammals
    • Birds
    • Seashore Creatures
    • Megafauna
    • Trees and Leaves
    • Ocean Tides
    • Heart and Lungs
    • The Digestive System
    • Joints, Bones, and Muscles
    • The Senses
    • And More...
    • Major Topics Covered in Biology 1:
      • Invertebrates
      • Fish
      • Mammals
      • Birds
      • Human Body
      • Major Ecosystems
      • Plants and Trees
      • Weather
    • Major Scientists Covered in Biology 1:
      • Louis Pasteur
      • John James Audubon

    What's in Biology 1 (Charter Edition)?

    1. Living Books

    1. Living Books

    Beautiful field guides, biographies, picture books, and more.

    2. Experiment Kits

    2. Experiment Kits

    Materials and instructions for 70+ experiments

    Comprehensive course of study

    Biology 1 starts with the most basic forms of life and moves step-by-step all the way to the inner-workings of humans. By the end, your kid will have a solid grounding in biology for deeper scientific study.

    Everything in one box

    Built-in lesson plans and experiment materials mean you can start exploring the world of electric eels, frogs, and platypuses as soon as you open the box. Skip the Ready, Set, move straight to the Go!

    Living books

    Biology isn’t just about lists of species—it’s about elephant ears and crustacean dentists and Louis Pasteur. We’ve selected every book in Biology 1 to make the world come alive.

    Hands-on experiments

    Every week your kids will get their hands dirty in the real world by performing echolocation, going on nature safaris, making stethoscopes, and more. And with easy-to-read experiment guides, your kids can do detailed experiments practically on their own—while you catch up on emails.

    Shareable curriculum

    Have multiple kids who want to discover new plants and animals and learn how they live? Perfect! Biology 1 is designed so kids across multiple grades can share books, experiments, and lab manuals, or have their own.

    Flexible schedule

    Need to adjust your school week for a family getaway? No problem! With options for both a four-day and two-day per week schedule, Biology 1 enables you to adapt your curriculum to your calendar.

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    The All Yours Guarantee

    Once your Noeo Box arrives, you have 60 days to open it up, read the books, mark up the guides, and do experiments. All we ask is that you use it.

    If you don’t like your experience, send it right back for a full refund of your order—no questions asked.

    Good news.

    Charter schools use Noeo.

    Noeo Charter editions have a different welcome page and the same fun, rich curriculum you came for. The Department of Education covers Noeo purchases under the Charter Schools Program (see Title V, Part B, §D-2 and §D-3 here).

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews

    Biology 1 (Charter Edition)

    Emily P
    Enjoyable and doable!

    We have really enjoyed NOEO Biology 1 so far. The reading selections are easy to do, and we have all learned a lot. Having the activities all prepped means we are actually doing them.

    We aren't using the worksheets because my son isn't a strong writer yet, but I think it's nice that they are available.

    Kelly Colvin

    As a busy mom of 7, I love this curriculum. The books included are great and not overkill. I wouldn’t consider myself someone who enjoys science, but this kit really makes it fun. The experiments are fun and easy to do and my second and third grader have liked them all so far.


    I've been really happy with my purchase. My kids really have enjoyed it too!

    Lisa Tong
    Best way to learn

    We love how he learns so much without it seeming like he’s learning. It’s much more fun to read through a series of purposeful books then a daunting big text book and so many skills are incorporated like writing and study skills etc.

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