Chemistry 1 (Grades 1-3)

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Chemistry 1 is the open-and-go curriculum that has everything you need to get science done in a year: books, experiment kits, a schedule that coordinates chemistry readings and experiments, and a student notebook to retain the year's lessons. Chemistry 1 is perfect for readers interested in chemistry who can read 1st - 3rd Grade material, typically ages 5-8.


    Inside Chemistry 1


    • Major Topics Covered in Chemistry 1:

      • Atoms & Molecules
      • The Periodic Table
      • Solids, Liquids, and Gases
      • Compounds, Mixtures & Solutions
      • Acids and Bases
      • Chemical Reactions
      • Polymers and Plastics
      • And a 5-week unit on Geology: Rocks, Minerals & Crystals
      • Instructor's Guide
      • Lab Manual
      • Living Books
        • What's Smaller than a Pygmy Shrew
        • Super Science Concoctions
        • The Kid's Book of the Elements
        • A Drop of Water
        • Everyday Materials: Plastic
        • Rocks and Minerals (Teacher Created Materials) by Torrey Maloof
        • George Washington Carver by National Geographic KIDS
        • Marie Curie by Elizabeth MacLeod
        • Mad Margaret Experiments with the Scientific Method
        • What’s the Matter in Mr. Whisker’s Room?
        • Many Kinds of Matter: A Look at Solids, Liquids, and Gases
        • Pop! A Book About Bubbles
        • The Dynamic World of Chemical Reactions with Max Axiom by Graphic Science
      • Experiments Guide for Experiment Kits covering:
        • Solids, Liquids, and Gases
        • Atoms, Elements, and Molecules
        • Chemical Reactions
        • Density
        • Weight
        • Adhesion and Cohesion
        • Surface Tension
        • Plastics
        • Recycling
        • Mineral and Crystals
        • Fossilization
        • Rocks
        • And More...

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 24 reviews
      Melody Saarloos
      Highly Recommend

      I'm 3/4 of the way through Chemistry 1 with my seven year old second grader, and really love this curriculum. I think the lay out is perfect for kids this age. Instead of a boring text book, it uses fun living books and lots of hands on activities and experiments, all without being too burdensome. The reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because a number of the Young Scientist kits didn't work, and also because I think they're still working out the kinks with the guide books. The oobleck flopped and the fizzy tablet didn't fizz. The spring scale we built, while it did sort of work, was long and tedious and not really worth it. I hope to see in the future the combination of the instructors guide and the experiment guide. I really don't see why those need to be separate. As a homeschool mom, consolidation is always easier, as long as it doesn't lose clarity. All in all, I still recommend, we've learned a ton and my son is loving it.

      Kids love it but...

      My kids absolutely love this curricula. They beg me to do science every day! It takes us 30 minutes or less with my 3rd and 1st grader. The content is perfect for their age. However we were progressing onto week 8 and we were supposed to read from the book "the elements" but we received the wrong book in our book pack. It's a beautiful copy of actual pictures of the elements with information about each element, but it doesn't have the information we are supposed to study in it, so I'll have to buy a separate copy from amazon. So we have to put science on hold for 2 weeks while we wait for a copy of the correct book to arrive. I'm checking my library for the book, but I'll still have to purchase it separately for future use with my younger kids, which is kind of a bummer. Other than the mixed up book, I love this curricula. I wish they had high school levels for my oldest!

      Awesome science kit

      I love that the kit came with everything we need and that each lesson is simple, straight forward and easy to complete. I like to read the week ahead just so I know what is to come, but it is very open and go so far! Doing it with my kindergartener and 2nd grader together with ease.

      Angelea Seagraves

      Chemistry 1 (Grades 1-3)

      Morgan McQuade
      Not what I expected.

      The content is very basic and not very engaging for my kids. The content was not at all open and go as described and the materials are not all provided as it says. I’m disappointed in the high price for the low value.

      Comes with everything your family needs.

      Living books, hands-on experiments, real world science.

      What makes Noeo better:

      Easy-to-use Instructor's Guides

      Get guides that simplify and schedule books to read and kits to use for a year's worth of science, two or four days a week, fifteen minutes a day and up.

      Complete Experiments

      We're shipping everything to you but faucet water and common household items. Hands-on experiment kits bring the world into your home and helps you explore the world beyond home.

      A Living Books Approach

      Great books make the world come alive. We intensely searched through library catalogs, websites, and hundreds of books before deciding on what we believe are the best.