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Grade 1-3 | Age 6-8

Chemistry 1


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Atoms. Crystals. Phase changes.

Noeo Chemistry 1 guides your child through an exciting first exploration of the world of chemistry. We’ve packed your Noeo box with all the books, lesson plans, and experiments you need to turn your home into a science lab on day 1.

What's in Chemistry 1?

1. Living Books

1. Living Books

Beautiful field guides, biographies, picture books, and more.

2. Experiment Kits

2. Experiment Kits

Materials and instructions for 70+ experiments

Comprehensive course of study

Chemistry 1 starts with the basics of the atom and builds step-by-step to more complex material like chemical reactions. By the end, your kid will have a solid grounding in chemistry for deeper scientific study.

Everything in one box

Experiment kits and built-in lesson plans mean you can start exploring the atom and creating chemical reactions as soon as you open the box. Skip the Ready, Set, move straight to the Go!

Living books

Chemistry isn’t just about atoms and reactions—it’s about bubbles and fertilizer and Marie Curie and salad dressing. We’ve selected every book in Chemistry 1 to make the world come alive.

Hands-on experiments

Every week your kids will get their hands dirty in the real world by brewing oobleck, making fossils, putting eggs in acid baths, and more. And with easy-to-read experiment guides, your kids can do detailed experiments practically on their own—while you get a jumpstart on dinner.

Shareable curriculum

Have multiple kids who want to discover chemical reactions by making colloids and creating compounds? Perfect! Chemistry 1 is designed so kids across multiple grades can share books, experiments, and lab manuals, or have their own.

Flexible schedule

Want to add an impromptu zoo trip to your school week? No problem! With options for both a four-day and two-day per week schedule, Chemistry 1 enables you to adapt your curriculum to your calendar.

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The All Yours Guarantee

Once your Noeo Box arrives, you have 60 days to open it up, read the books, mark up the guides, and do experiments. All we ask is that you use it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Misti Jansen
Boys ages 7 and 9 excited about Science!

My two boys, ages 7 and 9, love doing their Noeo science! They really enjoy the experiments! I love that it’s not super long lessons, and they maintain their focus!

Andrea Camarena
Blown away

I love this curriculum. I tell all my friends about it. It’s easy to use. My kids are excited to learn and look forward to the experiments. I wish they had other subjects. We will be a lifer now.

Adrienne Hickey
Easy to use and fun

This has integrated excellently with our other homeschool curriculum. My multi-aged children all have access points for the material and the experiments are fun and easier to do than cooking dinner! Great program

Allison S
Really great curriculum

I do this program with my 3rd grader and my 3 year old joins in most experiments. I love the variety of topics covered and that there are almost always practical application experiments to go along with the concepts. There are times where the experiment doesn't work, but we talk about thoughts on why it didn't work. Other times the experiment doesn't have a connection, so I sometimes skip those. However, overall the experiments really drive home the topic. The Chemistry l package is meant for grades 1-3 so it can seem a bit easy, BUT the kids really are learning a ton. I don't think they need to be challenged to their full potential on everything, it's ok to just learn too.
One thing I would really like to see change in future editions is the three books. There has got to be a way to at least consolidate the student book with the experiments. There doesn't need to be so many blank pages and duplicate information between the experiment book and the teacher book. There should only be a reference in the teacher book for the corresponding page number in the experiments, not another run down of it. I find using three books together to be a bit annoying. There is needed information between all of them and it just feels unorganized even though it is. But again, overall this curriculum is seriously the best!

Krista Elliott
Chemistry 1

This is our first year homeschooling and our first grade daughter loves this program. The program is laid out well and easy to follow. She is excited dive into the lessons every day. We have found the pace a tad slower than expected so we have adapted it to our schedule and it seems to be working. The book selection is great which makes the lessons really easy. So far she has enjoyed the experiments and has even repeated the first two with friends.

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