Physics 2 (Grades 4-6)

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Physics 2 is the open-and-go curriculum that has everything you need to get science done in a year: books, experiment kits, a schedule that coordinates physics readings and experiments, and a student notebook to retain the year's lessons. Physics 2 is perfect for readers interested in physics who can read 4th - 6th Grade material, typically ages 9-12.

    Inside Physics 2

    • Major Topics Covered in Physics 2:

      • Energy
      • Forces
      • Motion
      • Light
      • Sound
      • Electricity
      • Astronomy
    • Famous Inventors Covered in Physics 2:
      • Archimedes
      • Galileo Galilei
      • Sir Isaac Newton
      • Instructor's Guide
      • Lab Manual
      • Living Books
        • Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia by Usborne 
        • Smithsonian Explanatorium of Science 
        • Gizmo's and Gadgets - Creating Science Contraptions That Work
        • Archimedes and the Door of Science
        • Along Came Galileo
      • Experiment Guide with Experiment Kits covering:
        • Circular Motion
        • Energy
        • Inertia
        • Momentum
        • Newton's Laws of Motion
        • Air Resistance
        • Friction
        • Centripetal Force
        • Gravity
        • Symmetry
        • Water Pressure
        • Wheels and Axles
        • Catapult
        • Archimedes' Screw
        • Infinity
        • Buoyancy
        • Archimedes' Principle
        • Cartesian Diver
        • Air Pressure
        • Flight
        • Bernoulli's Principle
        • Waves
        • Electromagnetism
        • Light
        • Space
        • Electricity
        • Magnetism
        • And More...
      • Instructor's Guide
        • Regular improvements to our curriculum demand changes in resources, so this sample may not match resources currently offered and listed in the package.
      • Lab Manual
      • Experiment Guide
      • Complete list of household materials for experiments [Forthcoming]

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Hannah Brandt
      Not a fan!!

      Too many days where you are to just pick an experiment to do from a book that gets old. Neither of my girls liked it. The company wouldn’t refund me even though we had just missed the return date by only a couple days. All of the stuff was still in unused, perfect condition!

      Krista K

      So far it’s not very engaging. The first few weeks lessons have been very quick, kinda boring and the experiments are not what I thought. I purchased this because it said you received everything and did not need to purchase anything for experiments. So far it’s the exact opposite! It’s just been the gizmos and gadgets which there’s a HUGE shopping list for. So then that forces us to figure out something else to do so we just aren’t reading 1 small page of science and are done. The weekly/daily lessons are blah and very confusing to figure out. Most of the time it just states “do assigned reading.” Where??? What is it??? Currently we’re making it up as we go and watching YouTube videos. For the price, I’m not impressed at all and it’s not what the unboxing video portrayed. Would not recommend this.

      Hetal Parikh
      Physics 2 - Fabulous course

      My son is in 5th grade and he’s loving physics 2. Overall, it’s a well-outlined curriculum with good resources. All the guides provided are high-quality material and learning is rich. It interests my son. He studies it very independently and even writes his daily journal nicely.

      One area of improvement is to have the experiment kit include all required resources from chapter 1. I’d also like to see end of chapter assessment/test to see how much child has grasped.

      Brianna Newkirk

      my son is so engaged with this science curriculum. It has exceeded my expectations in every way

      Kristine Kelly
      Interactive and Hands-On!!

      This curriculum has provided a great framework and set of resources for me to teach my kids. It helps to know how to word abstract ideas for this age group. My kids are having a blast learning and doing so many hands-on activities!

      Comes with everything your family needs.

      Living books, hands-on experiments, real world science.

      What makes Noeo better:

      Easy-to-use Instructor's Guides

      Get guides that simplify and schedule books to read and kits to use for a year's worth of science, two or four days a week, fifteen minutes a day and up.

      Complete Experiments

      We're shipping everything to you but faucet water and common household items. Hands-on experiment kits bring the world into your home and helps you explore the world beyond home.

      A Living Books Approach

      Great books make the world come alive. We intensely searched through library catalogs, websites, and hundreds of books before deciding on what we believe are the best.