Physics 3 (Grades 7-8)

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Physics 3 is the open-and-go curriculum that has everything you need to get science done in a year: books, experiment kits, a schedule that coordinates physics readings and experiments, and a student notebook to retain the year's lessons. Physics 3 is perfect for readers interested in physics who can read 7th - 8th Grade material, typically ages 13-15.

    Inside Physics 3

    • Major Topics Covered in Physics 3:

      • History of Physics
      • Forces and Motion
      • Simple Machines
      • Energy
      • Electricity
      • Magnets and Electromagnetism
      • Light
      • Sound
    • Famous Inventors Covered in Physics 3:
        • Albert Einstein
        • Archimedes
        • Nicolaus Copernicus
        • Galileo Galilei
      • Instructor's Guide
      • Lab Manual
      • Living Books
        • Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids
        • Exploring the World of Physics
        • Super Simple Physics by Dorling Kindersley and Smithsonian Institution
        • Essential Physical Science: Magnetism
        • Physics - Why Matter Matters!
        • Eyewitness Electricity by Dorling Kindersley
        • Findout! Energy Dorling Kindersley
      • Experiment Kits by Thames and Kosmos
        • Physics Workshop Experiment Set
      • Experiment Kits by Elenco
        • Electronic Snap Circuits Snaptricity Set

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Becky Emerick
      Mostly good materials, awkward presentation

      We were really hoping to love this curriculum, but a few weeks in, we've decided to just adapt it to meet our needs. The biography on Newton was very dry and boring, so we found a different one. The first book we read about physics was so far over both of our heads, we were very overwhelmed! My 16 year old son loved it. The workbook seems like a waste of money. So many pages of writing lines, without guidance as to what to write about. I'm making up my own items, like having him write and diagram the three laws of motion, or on another page, the three laws of planetary travel. We love the physics kit! But we were disappointed that a lot of the experiments are skipped, and we want to do them all. We've decided to just read through all the books, do all of the experiments, and journal along as we go. Using this as a book reference list would probably have sufficed and been less expensive.

      As for the lesson book being awkward, a simple formatting change would have helped. Have the reading suggestions on the left side and the details of each day on the right side. I feel like I was constantly flipping back and forth to figure out what they wanted us to do. The prompts weren't clear. "Journal what you learned." That is too vague for my 7th grader.

      Natalie Schuldt

      Physics 3 (Grades 7-8)

      Kourtney Watson

      Parents looking for an open and go science curriculum will be happy with this program. My son is more of a hands-on learner and he really enjoys the projects. The accompanying manual for grades 7-8 still has primary lines with the dashed middle line for guided writing. I was surprised to see this paper in a middle school lab manual. We bought a DIY Thinking Tree notebook and my son was very happy with that.

      Maggie Hovey

      Physics 3 (Grades 7-8)

      Maggie Hovey

      Physics 3 (Grades 7-8)

      Comes with everything your family needs.

      Living books, hands-on experiments, real world science.

      What makes Noeo better:

      Easy-to-use Instructor's Guides

      Get guides that simplify and schedule books to read and kits to use for a year's worth of science, two or four days a week, fifteen minutes a day and up.

      Complete Experiments

      We're shipping everything to you but faucet water and common household items. Hands-on experiment kits bring the world into your home and helps you explore the world beyond home.

      A Living Books Approach

      Great books make the world come alive. We intensely searched through library catalogs, websites, and hundreds of books before deciding on what we believe are the best.