Biology 1 (Grades 1-3)

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Biology 1 is the open-and-go curriculum that has everything you need to get science done in a year: books, experiment kits, a schedule that coordinates biology readings and experiments, and a student notebook to retain the year's lessons. Biology 1 is perfect for readers interested in biology who can read 1st - 3rd Grade material, typically ages 5-8.

    Inside Biology 1


    • Major Topics Covered in Biology 1:
      • Invertebrates
      • Fish
      • Mammals
      • Birds
      • Human Body
      • Major Ecosystems
      • Plants and Trees
      • Weather
    • Major Scientists Covered in Biology 1:
      • Louis Pasteur
      • John James Audubon
    • Instructor's Guide
    • Lab Manual
    • Living Books
      • One Small Square: Cactus Desert
      • One Small Square: Woods
      • One Small Square: Seashore
      • Louis Pasteur and Pasteurization
      • Exploring Nature: Activity Book for Kids
      • Internet-Linked First Encyclopedia of the Human Body by Usborne
      • First Animal Encyclopedia by Dorling Kindersley
      • The Boy Who Drew Birds
      • Audubon's Birds of America Coloring Book
      • My First Book About Weather
      • Experiments in Earth Science and Weather with Toys and Everyday Stuff
      • Weather Ready-to-Read Value Pack: Rain; Wind Clouds; Snow; Rainbow; Sun
      • Weather Clues in the Sky
    • Experiment Kits by The Young Scientists Club
      • Kit #10 Bacteria and Fungi
      • Kit #17 Heart and Lungs
      • Kit #18 The Digestive System
      • Kit #19 Bones and Muscles
      • Kit #20 The Senses
    • coprolite fossil

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 49 reviews
      Karine Schepers-Cheng
      What a fantastic kit!

      Our kids have been homeschooled due to the Pandemic: this has been such a fantastic support and complement for them. The experiments are simple to do, easy for the kids to understand, while explaining some very advanced concepts! I also like how it teaches the kids the scientific approach to discover and explain new concepts. And describe them in their booklet. This is a must-have for all families who love science and doing experiments together: it could just be during the weekends, for fun. The kids LOVE them! Or to enhance the traditional public curriculum: this goes way beyond the Texas standard requirements. One recommendation for the Noeo team: the experiments kits have a lot more guidance for the parents ; it would be great if the educator's booklet was a bit more complete, providing the conclusions for the topics of each lesson.

      Jenna Staton
      Fantastic for homeschooling

      My child and I really have enjoyed Noeo! The reading isn’t overwhelming, and the experiments are easy to do and so fun! Can’t wait to buy our next box!

      Great program, but…..

      The teacher's guide will say to have the students write the definition of something, but yet the book that we are told to read doesn’t clearly state said definition, and I have to pull in other resources to find a said definition that makes sense to my 7-year-old. That’s my only complaint. I wish the TG had answers to the questions they want us to ask the child or talking points. Otherwise, I’m going off to teach myself with Google so I can better teach the student which is annoying. My 2nd grader loves it, and it's always the first subject she wants to do!

      Julie Peterson
      Easy and Awesome

      Love how easy this is to use for all ages.

      Great concept for our family!

      I'm easing into homeschooling with my oldest, who is 7. I LOVE how simple this curriculum is, with each daily plan being just a couple sentences. We love opening different "living books" each week, rather than reading from a text book. We have the freedom to expand or diminish the written work to fit our needs and preferences. I think the structure of the curriculum really encourages a scientist's mindset of curiosity and exploration.

      I would love if the teacher's guide were edited so that the brief weekly layout, which includes the reading schedule and lesson plans, were to open up on adjacent pages to be viewed at the same time, rather than how they are currently on front and back pages, which just complicates the open-and-go set-up.

      We are just a quarter of the way through the curriculum, but I'm very pleased. It's a good fit for us.

      Comes with everything your family needs.

      Living books, hands-on experiments, real world science.

      What makes Noeo better:

      Easy-to-use Instructor's Guides

      Get guides that simplify and schedule books to read and kits to use for a year's worth of science, two or four days a week, fifteen minutes a day and up.

      Complete Experiments

      We're shipping everything to you but faucet water and common household items. Hands-on experiment kits bring the world into your home and helps you explore the world beyond home.

      A Living Books Approach

      Great books make the world come alive. We intensely searched through library catalogs, websites, and hundreds of books before deciding on what we believe are the best.