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The power of narration

The power of narration

Science is all about asking questions and developing a curiosity for the world around you. Do rhinoceroses have good vision? Can light bend? How do clouds form? Encourage your child to ask questions as they read and do hands-on experiments.

Narration helps your child retain the answers to these questions in your long term memory. Being able to explain or “teach” something that they have learned to others is the highest form of learning.  

The Noeo Science Lab Manual is a launching point to have your child explain what they have learned. If you use Noeo with multiple ages, use the questions as prompts for your older kids to explain to the younger ones what they just studied, and the younger ones to tell what they remember about the questions. 

Questions are the key to curiosity. Encourage your child to wonder more about everything from frogs to bubbles to gravity. 

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