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So how does this work? Exploring science with weekly experiments

So how does this work? Exploring science with weekly experiments

Microscopes, instant ice, bottle rockets: get ready for hands-on science! 


Even with the best readings, mastering science requires real interaction with the real world. Weekly experiments capture your kids’ imagination, and with our easy-to-use guide, you will never get lost or confused. 


The Experiment Guide includes:

  • Our Question: Students should be able to answer this question after completing the experiment.
  • Materials: Comprehensive materials list with everything you need from the experiment kit as well as things from around the house. 
  • Instructions: Step-by-step directions on how to complete the experiment. 
  • What We Learned: More information to help students understand the scientific principles behind the experiment and further their understanding.


The experiments have been thoroughly tested and seamlessly integrated into the readings. Don’t just learn about catabolic reactions, make elephant toothpaste—don’t just learn about electric currents, make a homopolar motor!

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